fontshop fonts - i can't tame them

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For several corporate identity projects, i'v been trying out fontshop fonts.
more sepcifically, i've looked at some corporate families,

- officina
- fago
- zine
- unit

and so on.

I really like these fonts, but with their narrow letters and loose kerning, and just can't figure out how to make body copy look good with them.

any tips or comments?


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narrow letters and loose kerning MAKE for good body copy. Hello.

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Hello. i disagree. i think the default settings of these fonts is too wide. The text sort of falls apart.


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Tighten up the tracking, and see what Optical kerning in InDesign looks like, rather than Metrics.
In Quark, you can edit the tracking and kerning tables, IIRC.

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