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Hello, everybody. This is to let you know of my latest font release: Riff. It's my third typeface design and the first more "serious" one. Since I have no formal type design education, it's always a great deal of work to figure things out. Hope you enjoy it. Hope you buy it. Hope. :)


Thanks for your time. Feedback's apreciated.


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Where is the blue banner?

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it displays a beta version of the font... but, if you must see.. here it is! (and it was supposed to be purple hehe)

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Congratulations Dado, keep it up!

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Wow. You definitely have a passion for this, and your font is excellent. Don't lose it!
Johan Vilchez

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Thanks, Frederico and Johan!

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Very cool! That Q is beautiful.

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I liked the typeface, It has a great feel to it.
Though the lowercase "t" doesn't work for me - It looks more of like a distorted "i" or "1".

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wow thats beautiful. Nice work.


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thanks everyone, for sharing your thoughts :)

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