Class Kerning errors

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I have used class kerning before, but just ran into a problem I had not encountered before.

All my previous classes were simple with both sides being the same. I watched a video on class kerning this evening and he explained also how to do class kerning on one side only.

In this family of typefaces that I'm working on I had a handful of alternate letters and some ligatures that I had under the dlig feature. Previous to this I had not generated a kern feature since I knew I would be adding more classes.

Anyway… when I generated the kern feature on the first font with the new one-side-only kerning classes and then compiled it in the OT panel I got a whole list of warnings.

[WARNING] Start of new pair positioning subtable; some pairs may never be accessed: [A Adieresis Aring Agrave Atilde Acircumflex Aacute A.alt Amacron Abreve Aogonek] [T T_H T_H_E T_T T_T_Y T_U T_V T_W T_Y]

It still compiles and the kerning seems to work as it should in the metrics window. When I deleted the new classes, deleted the kern feature and regenerated it without the new classes it was fine. Anybody know what's going on with that?

Here is a sample of a left-side only kerning class:
_Tleftside: T' T_H T_H_E T_T T_T_Y T_U T_V T_W T_Y
I then checked the box to the right side.


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Please could anyone dig for the (how-to?) page that contains a bunch of discussions related to class kerning? All has been said there, but I cannot find it any more ...

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When this happens to me it’s because a glyph appears in the same side of multiple classes. On a related note, you might want to just switch to kerning in Metrics Machine. Its group creation tool includes an error checker that shows where conflicts have occurred.

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James, can you give me a simple example of what you mean by «a glyph appears in the same side of multiple classes». It seems like that might be a natural thing, but maybe I'm just not getting it. For instance, I have a class for T that includes all the accented T's. Then I have 2 classes for T that each have glyphs (ligatures} that have T on either end. Does that cause what you're referring to?

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This was a good discussion, and in one of my posts there are more links:

Two more:

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Thanks Karsten. I had tried a search, but sometimes the search feature here doesn't seem to function.

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Does that cause what you’re referring to?

That could be the problem if there is a conflict between your ligature and duplicate T classes, or if you accidentally put a T into another class entirely. It might be worth copy/pasting those classes into text edit and looking at them blown up. I sometimes miss syntax problems in my classes because I have a hard time reading the tiny text in the class window.

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I would run the auto diagnostic in Tools/Kerning Assistance first (the yang/yin button).
Also, it happened to me when I had different glyph names defined in the classes and the font.

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Thanks so much for all the help.
I reworked the classes so that I didn't have glyphs doubled and it worked perfectly. I always love it when I can learn something new like this. Typophile is such a great resource.

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