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Ok so I'm making a logo for a photographer.
She plans to shoot anything and everything, but her own personal style
is a lot of macros of natural things like plants and insects.

So I got a logo here that is using the symbol for a roll of film, creating
a butterfly. There are 2 versions which I am posting, the only thing being
different is the orientation of the butterfly's antennae, and the spacing
of the "wings."

Any thoughts on the mark?

And the typography is just kind of thrown on there,
if possible I would love some suggestions on some good
scripts and sans-serifs that are free, or that I may potentially
have in my library already.

Plus any suggestions as you see fit. Thank you!

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Was there a reason for the butterfly as opposed to a flower which would not require the two additional marks at the top?


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I'm not sure everyone would immediately read that as a flower.
I am trying to make it cute--and I thought the antennae helped do so by making
a little creature out of an otherwise formal and rigid mark.

But yes making a flower out of the icon had occurred to me. Let me play around
a bit and tomorrow I will post a spin-off concept. Thanks

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I really like the mark. The type doesn't go with it, though.

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Any suggestions on fonts? I feel like photography needs to be much bolder no?

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I think you need something that matches the vibe of the mark. It's a very bold geometric mark.

Here's a recent face that I think could work:

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Oh wow, that's just about perfect. That lowercase a...

thank you for that great reference!

Here's the latest versions--threw in that font, tried the first color
scheme that came to mind.

I haven't bought the font, so I'm just kind of
throwing it in there as a jpeg in the original black.
Final versions I think would be purple. (assuming i stay with that color scheme.

Should i stay with a single color? If 2 colors, which version?

and as always, anything else that comes to anyone's mind, much appreciated

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Oh yes, the font is just right!

IMO, the tracking feels too tight, and the antennae seem too tight, also. I'd give it all some air. The mark is too whimsical to feel so rigid.

I do like the colors you've chosen. Have you tried it with just the inner circles orange? Or the text purple and the mark orange?

Overall, it's coming along rather nicely.

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New versions:

Will--Created a flower out of the symbol as mentioned. Although I myself am still leaning towards the butterfly.

Alaskan--I spaced the mark out a little bit as requested. I certainly had thought of making the inner circles the lighter color, here's what it would look like.

But this leads me to a conceptual question that i'm struggling with. I included in the far right of the image, the basic black film roll icon. The mark I created refers to that icon, though I admit it is no longer simply a film roll--it is now a butterfly. But in the way that the icon uses the same color for both inner and outer circle, should i do so for MY mark? Does changing the color of the inner and outer circles (as opposed to using a two color scheme in which the inner and outer are always the same color--as in the previous versions) take away from the idea that this mark has to do with photography?

And in the last version I post, I almost get the read of binoculars which has to do with optics and lenses,

Any other opinions or input?

PS. Alaskan--haven't bought the font, so that arrow says "purple text," which can happen when i buy that thing

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One other variation is to take leftmost version and paint white rings with orange.

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I think the type should be on the right of the butterfly ragged right, aligned perhaps with the top and bottom of the bottom row. Nice mark, but I don't think those are very butterflyish colours. Something more photographic, RGB, silver halide foil block?

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You may be correct about rag right. I'm not sure if I can drop the caps treatment on the word Photography then... what do you guys vote for, caps or no?

Ok people--I apologize for getting color crazy. But I've sourced some RGBs from pictures of butterflies. I don't think the tri-color treatment works though. It looks to me as though having a diff. color for the outer circle and antennae screws with immediately recognizing the butterfly. I tried a whole range of colors, clearly, sorry... as well as a black and silver combination--of which there are 3 shades of gray.

I also noticed that many butterflies are duo-tone, with black edges.
So I'm now leaning towards the two with black outer circles, and blue, then red inner, respectively. Or one of the ones below those two that feature gray inner circles (there's something elegant about them).

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UPPERCASE ...OTO... is loosely kerned compared to other letters.
Robert Koritnik

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epsilicon - tried that, but it really does need some white negative space in there.

any other "ayes" for uppercase?

now that i'm getting closer to color schemes im happy with, it may just be a subjective
thing the client will have to choose. but for the black and grays, im on the fence
between the second and third examples.

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That looks great. No need for UC

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black and grey works really well, and if you can get Jessica to stump up for foil block on her cards, it should be lovely

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Lovely mark, Evan. I actually like "PHOTOGRAPHY" in uppercase better. In lc, it's close in length to your client's name, which becomes a bit distracting to me. It almost looks like a mistake.

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I personally like the uppercase better than the lowercase, but I don't think that it needs to be the same size as the photographer's name. perhaps matching the width of the uppercase PHOTOGRAPHY to the photographer's name by scaling the font size down a bit?

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The symbol for the role of film is an excellent one...I recall seeing similar mark-DNA in a snafu we'll call "Quark vs. Scottish Arts Council," that it's always good to be aware of with this kind of logo:

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Good article Danno

I don't think there will be any problems with plagiarism, since the mark
pertains to photography its inspiration is the film roll icon, and certainly that,
nothing else. And it also is necessary to have the squared end to harmoniously bring
together 4 lobes of a butterfly wing.

So now I know what to say if anyone complains.
Thank you.

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