InDesign rag question

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hi all,

I've been having this issue with inDesign lately. I am setting a
paragraph left-justified, ragged right. Hyphenation is turned off,
and snapping to a baseline grid is turned on.

InDesign will send words to the next line which I am quite certain
will fit within the column measure. And there is no manual carriage

Does anyone have any suggestions to address this?

thanks much,

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Wait until all copy edits are finished and add a few points to extend the text box for the word.

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Why would I have to add points when it's clear that
the word should fit within the column as is?

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In the paragraph drop menu switch from Adobe Paragraph Composer to Adobe Single-line Composer, another example of Adobe’s nannying.


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It is considering every break in the paragraph and giving you a bad line it calculates to be the lesser evil.

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Ah, OK. Thanks, James.

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What timd said.

Additionally, there is another command in that menu, "Balance ragged lines," which might come in handy now and then.

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Adobe's nannying, I like that.

Now if only they'd get kerning tables!

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