An Oblique DIN?

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I was looking around today for a cut of DIN that featured an oblique. I wasn't sure that one existed, but I thought I'd take a look. I found the link below on a My Fonts *beta* site:

The font is listed as "Dinot" but it didn't have any option to purchase - and I have been unable to find another link to it online. Any suggestions? Does this exist?


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Man, why didn't that just pop up from the many google searches. nearly every other online site did. Thanks. :D

Anyone else heard of Dinot?

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“Dinot” is DIN OT, but the space is missing in the name that is used there. FSI is about to fix this. Btw., have you seen the FF DIN font microsite?

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FF DIN tells the truth.

Are you sure you want to slant the truth?

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@ Ivo - that makes more sense. I know it's not uncommon for revision fonts to have some sort of clever reference to the original font, but if that's what "DINOT" was... I couldn't figure out what the heck it was referencing. I hadn't seen the microsite, but I have now. Awesome.

@ canderson... i know, i know... :D

it's being used as the interior for a reference book. I (and the publisher) love the look of it for body text and headlines (it's not a very dense book - very minimal and modern) but there are a few things that need to be emphasized with bold (easy) and a few things that need oblique/italics... heretical? perhaps functional? yes.


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Linotype’s DIN Next has an oblique.

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