Different text showing of font in Corel, Illustrator and Office

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When I type (copy/paste) same text in CorelDraw (x4), Illustrator (CS4) and MS Word (2007) in font I created in FontLab, every program shows me different kerning.

- Illustrator shows everything alright... kerning and leading, it's like in FL.
- CorelDraw shows unlogical kerning... space between glyphs are more wider then in FL or Illustrator. Some glyphs are overlapping too...
- Word shows no text, just glyph for ".notdef" for every letter typed!

I've read this topic, and I've tried to add autohinting to font just to see will it make any difference, but everything remained the same.

Any suggestion/solution?

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I found errors.
Ascender and descender values needed to be corrected.

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