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Hey. Sorry if I missed it, I did look hard for a topic addressing the issue, but I have recently taken an interest in typography and would like to start learning about it. I mean anything -- history, important fonts, popular fonts, who's who in fontdom, etc. Basically, I am looking for any books in particular that deal with these subjects. That's a little vague. Sorry. Take this for example, though: you know how there are books about the basic manufacturing process of, say, single-malt scotch? Or books that give you tips about tasting it, or the rituals of tasting, or that list the tools you need to really savor it? I mean those kinds of books, except for typography. And if there are no books like that, maybe a website will do. Anything you can offer really. Thanks in advance. I really appreciate it.

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Hey, thanks! I was sort of hoping for more than one source, though. No one knows, like, a textbook or something? :(

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If you follow that link, and then click on “books” you will see a list of well regarded titles. You will also see a link to “The Triumvirate of Typography”. If you click on the word “Triumvirate” you will find a short discussion of the following titles.

The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst
Anatomy of a Typeface by Alexander Lawson
Letters of Credit by Walter Tracy

These three are regarded as a good place to start.

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If you start off with lawson, you might lose enthusiasm quickly. it's a great book, but...

if you are lucky enough to read french, grab a copy of "histoire de l'ecriture typographique" by yves perrousseaux. extremely good, volume one in a series of 4 (will be completed around 2012), 450 pages, the only precise, big format, full of color high res illustrations encyclopedia of type. there is no equivalent in english language so far, and we are trying hard to find a publisher in the US or in the UK. if you know one...

also, "type" by simon loxley. funny and informative, even though poorly printed.

and also, my book (guide pratique de choix typographique), also no equivalent in english. also trying to get a publisher.


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