Hanging with Kids & the Dead White Male Author Reading List

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I meet enough new people to be initially curious about almost everyone. Sometimes new acquaintances click and we get to spend time mutually talking about our passions. Such is the case with brilliant and 27 year old Dorothy Ball—poet—newly returned to New Orleans from living in NYC and editing at Princeton University Press.

She teaches me the difference between 2 and 3 dimensional thinking. In return I run on about type and design theory. We both like to read and the subject of "dead white male authors" came up. Dorothy mentioned she had never read any of them because when she went to school they weren't being taught anymore. I love reading these old farty dinosaurs so made a list.

The list is chronological because I find themes repeated throughout. Some of the most beautiful language can be found in these pages, and some of the best lessons. If anyone wants good reading, and or a giggle, it is here attached.

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