Eklipse - a new ultra-black typeface

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Hello typophiles,
this is Eklipse, my new typeface designed to defy the limits of legibility. She is also a journey into a universe of strange possibilities. With multi-lingual support, contains more than 60 ligatures and contextual alternates! Eklipse fits perfect in headlines, logos and small blocks of text. It's available throught MyFonts.com with a limited time discount.


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The letter design would work as a logo or poster title, but not as a display type

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Bravo! Love the alts/ligs.

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I like it.

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This is the most interesting take on this genre I’ve seen so far. Good work!

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Hello Robert. I´m suspect to say that but I disagree with you. Off course this is not a typeface for a mass journal, when a rapid comprehension of the headine is the key. This kind of typeface is for specific audience and when I was designing Eklipse I have this in mind.

Marcox, Quincunx, James thanks for the compliments. James, as you said is really difficult to create something new in this kind of style.


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Nice. I could see this getting a lot of use with the screenprinted concert poster crowd. The backwards characters are a great idea. Well done.

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