Putting Typophile on the map

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Information Architects Japan are updating their Web Trends Map and have just accepted my suggestion to add Typophile.


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Eye magazine has just ranked Typophile number six in the typo blogsphere. Go figure. http://blog.eyemagazine.com/?p=183#comment-1581

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I was thinking about commenting on Stewf's comment on the blog about the blogs, but was worried I'd vanish up my own ass.


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"...chosen by an anonymous panel of industry experts using strictly scientific principles..."
Oh, my! Furr shur, yes'twas!


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Disappointing to see a #6 ranking, but we are also not a web log. We could, however, rank #1 as the oldest with the most typographic content on the web (our 9th birthday is this week).

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We are a blog, among other things: http://typophile.com/uppercaseblogs. I have been interested to see the quality of the uppercase blogs at Typophile improving as more people get into it. Because it has such a broad base of authors, the content quality varies, but you get some esoteric things you might not find anywhere else.

I have have sometimes debated whether to post on my Typophile uppercase blog or on my site http://betatype.com. It seems like if you are interested in spending the time and posting nearly every day, you could gain a readership on your personal type blog. If you are interested in posting from time to time, but want to reach a broad readership and get feedback, the uppercase blogs are a good place to write.

For now, I have decided to use Betatype as a project blog and post to my Typophile blog if there is a typographic point of interest somewhere else on the web. In reality, I post very rarely to either :(

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If I had a dollar for the number of times I've heard Christian say "Typophile is not a blog…"


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Hey everyone, put those links on the Typophile Wikipedia page!

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So let's cut to the chase. 4/14/09, the date Eye jumped the shark? Or did that happen years ago?

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Their logo sure looked different back then... ;-D

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According to long traditions and updated superstitions the number six is the number of the beast. They say.

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Who cares about these lists anyway!
Typophile is the best for me, don't matter what the others say :)

cheerio Queneau

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