New EDP logo.

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EDP is the portuguese electricity company that presented today it's new Identity where joins Natural Gaz + Electricity and gets a brand new band designed by MY BRAND.

According to the company after a series of clients survey, they considered the old identity as "distant" & "Abusive" (BLUE LOGO BELOW).

The new Identity is described as "A smile looking for CLOSENESS".

What do the typophiles think? The change of a turbine for a smile is a radical shift, but on my oppinion the "smile on a house light switch" with the VAG Rounded Bold fails on giving the strong and secure group this group has. This brand and this type could be on a candy bar...

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I can appreciate the amount of effort it has taken you to arrive at this simple and effective mark. I wonder if you would like to pursue this further by using a photo of a light switch with the two screws as eyes and the drawn smile you have above. Then it could not be confused with, or look as if it should be a mark for a candy bar.

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This ID was made by MYBRAND, it's not a brand of mine :-).

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I agree that the softness of this logo does not connote the same feeling as a strong, reputable company that I feel should be.
A serif font would've worked better in my mind.

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That is not a smile because it has no eyes.
An electric oven has been used to bake the type,
so there is something electric ;-)
EDP: Electricidad De Panadero?
Sorry, maybe that is Spanish.
Ate' *logo*!

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'abusive'? Is that the client speaking or the branding firm? ;o)

The smile is the new swoosh these days...

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The smile is the new swoosh these days...

Just thinking the same thing, funny.

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There is a risk in grasping symbols.
I could agree with "feeling-Nike" but I would repeat that
what shown is not a smile because it has no eyes,
besides people usually have no square faces,
but I've never been in Portugal :-)

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A EDP tem boas raz

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Mr. Jo

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Its very Playmobil. I can see it as a toy smile.

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Good thread Adriano! I saw this new logo some days ago and I confessed that I had a bad reaction. This new logo don

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I agree Ricardo, they are loosing their identity. BTW, do you know the MY BRAND design company that did this?

It reminded me this logo from

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Why not Comic Sans?...
I sure hope the decision of "rebranding" EDP wasn

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