Question of type choice for scholarship letter?

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I wrote my application letter for a scholarship and set it in Electra. My teacher says I should choose Helvetica or a classic serif like Baskerville or Garamond.

Audience is GDC.

Any thoughts?

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From Adobe's fact sheet on Electra:

Designed in 1935 by William Addison Dwiggins, Electra has been a standard book typeface since its release because of its evenness of design and high legibility. In the specimen book for Electra, Dwiggins himself points out the type’s identifying characteristics: “The weighted top serifs of the straight letters of the lower case: that is a thing that occurs when you are making formal letters with a pen, writing quickly. And the flat way the curves get away from the straight stems: that is a speed product.” Electra is not only a fine text face but is equally responsive when set at display sizes, realizing Dwiggins’ intent when he set about the design: “...if you don’t get your type warm it will be just a smooth, commonplace, third-rate piece of good machine technique, no use at all for setting down warm human ideas, just a box full of rivets.... I’d like to make it warm, so full of blood and personality that it would jump at you.”

Sounds OK to me!

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Electra is a better choice than Baskerville, which isn’t something most people want to read coming out of a laser/inkjet.

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Thanks for the input all!

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My instructor maintains that the letter is "coming along... except for the type face"
However, she does not tell me why?

Can someone please tell me why!??

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It seems like the problem is that she noticed the typeface to begin with.

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Good call jackson,

she is the typography teacher... she has been telling all those who enter to “use Helvetica or a classic serif like Baskerville or Garamond.”

I know she has a list of safe typefaces she hands out and Electra is not on it.

Do you have an alternate suggestion?

The panel of judges are working designers and design educators.

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I like to set things that shouldn't appear designed in Hoefler Txt.

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she has been telling all those who enter to “use Helvetica or a classic serif like Baskerville or Garamond.”
Is that snobbery or what? It's either that they require Helvetica, Baskerville, or Garamond, or people just use them frequently. I know some people who use Helvetica almost all the time, all caps-no tracking-condensed or all lowercase, light. It's like the coolness bandwagon or something.

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jackson, I will print it out in Hoefler Txt and see how it works.

Josef, I think you hit the nail on the head. I asked in an email if she thought it was inappropriate to use Electra, her reply in its entirety was “YES. ach.”

Oh well, only 2 or so more years with that.


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