Clean but not sterile sans, please critique

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This is a sans I've been fiddling with for a while. It's my first serious attempt at type design, and my eyes are already weakening so I've decided to ask here. Please butcher what I have:

Thanks. It has a bit of contrast, I've tried making this have almost no contrast, but I didn't quite like it. Still struggling my way with the contrast for the figures, where to put the weight and how to balance it, etc.

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Quite like it. Shall leave it for the more experience members of this community to critique it.
- san ideos

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I like the idea, but I think the tail of the "y" is a little too short.
Also the a curve (at top) is a bit too "open" and you could try to make the K and k merged instead of a horizontal line between the two parts.
I think you'd better use dots or (unrotated) squares instead of the shapes you now have as points.

Keep up the good work! ;)

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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Thank you all for the feedback! Summer semester has started, so once again I have no time to update this as much as I would want to.

Anyway, I'll critique myself:
1. vxy thin, add a little width to w
2. top of K looks too heavy
3. what's up with S?
4. UVW too narrow?
5. widths are not consistent, some look a bit heavy than the others. for example, B, w, x, etc
6. make this monolinear, I don't think the width differences work on this. I don't know.
7. g looks weak, as is j and a
8. proportions are really off

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It would be nice to see a pdf ;)
Crossbar on G is a bit low.
M has a heavy middle that seems to have sunk to the baseline.
B and S are funny shapes.
Eye of e is too small?
I don't think the Kk with crossbar is a problem.
p and d are not good curves.
u maybe too wide.
Proportions of numerals are off. Bottom half should be bigger. Question mark should flow rather than the corner?

I think you can definitely get a worthwhile font out of this, just need to make the shapes harmonise better :)

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Now that I haven't looked at this thing for two weeks, I can see that B is weird in relation to the rest. Thank you Ben for the feedback. It's true that p and d are really off, due to the sharp curves that form from the stem. I seem to have trouble making them smoother like b and q with the x-height and width. And yes, the numerals are way, way off.

I'll post a pdf when I update this over next week's weekend; I'll probably redraw this from scratch to reconsider things.

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