Logo crit pretty please

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I do screen printed and letterpress stationary which I also sometimes illustrate with pen and ink

Okay which do you like best and why? Or if you hate them all and have another idea that's good too.

It is supposed to be "read": Anavi Ink

However as you can see in the first logo it is AnavInk

I want to convey a feel of vintage and organic with just a touch of the feminine and maybe a little bit of grunge thrown in for good measure.

I need help.


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I prefer the ones with the small splotch; they have a nice balance of "beautiful" lettershapes and a bit of splotchiness/spontaneity/hand-craft/…; #2 and #4 seem overly messy. (Though I don't know how you work! ;-) )

I think #1 clearly reads as "anavink".

Regarding how to connect the two "i"s, how about something in this direction? (Hope you don't mind the quick comp.)

#7 might also work quite nicely but I'd try making the top of the "I" look more like it could also be a lowercase "i". But then it might look too much like a numeral one. Hmm.

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Hi Altaira,

Thanks for the thoughtful crit. I see what you mean I think those two are too messy and manly also. I like your idea of reversing the i since that feels a little bit quirky which works well with the style I have also. I will play with your idea and #7 some more. Thanks a bunch!

Last question..how do you like the splotch? I did it on the computer, but if it doesn't "feel" right then I can also make a real ink splotch on paper scan it in and trace it in Illustrator..I want to make sure it feels genuine.

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Small splatters have way too much detail to be complemented with less detailed type. On the other hand, none of the big ones work...

so you either:
1. try to make a big splatter work
2. remove detail from the small one (I would also enlarge it a bit)

regarding #7. It's probably better to have it as capital I, but what should definitely be done is stem weight to match other letters.

And apart from my comment with "1 and 2"... I'd separate splatter from the letters. I guess that's a good way of using a bigger splatter. If you make the splatter somehow resemble letter "a" it would be even better. But it should look natural and not too artificial/pushed... Or maybe use letter "a" and replace the bowl with a splatter. Could be a nice logo symbol. And probably also a very nice and original use of splatter.

Splatters are usually visually pleasing, natural and beautiful. So I would just use 'em as is.
Robert Koritnik

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Interesting idea with the a putting the emphasis someplace else rather than the INK. I will try it. I think I will go ahead and do some real splatters and scan them in...can't hurt.

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"how do you like the splotch?"
I like it. At this size, it didn't strike me as artificial at all (at least when it's used small). But you'd have to show a PDF to be sure.

I don't agree with Litera's point of equalizing the level of detail. To my eye, this contrast in detail-level between the type and the splotch is very interesting visually and works just fine;* plus, I don't think it's so very detailed that you'll run into reproduction issues at a "normal" size/usage.

* Though I've been known to like more extreme levels of contrast than other designers, so maybe it's just me. But coming back to the artificiality question above, I'm thinking if you make the splotch less detailed, it might just stop looking like a splotch!

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Have you tried #5 with a capital A on the avani? That might help corral some of the space and might open up some room for some more splotches.


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I think #4 is the strongest. There's definitely a contrast. It works for me.

sal sabaj

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Re #4 - I'd see if styling i's dot into a part of a splotch would work. Ligature-like.

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Okay what about this? I also did a real splotch.


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And here is a Ligature-like approach:

What do you guys think?

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Okay what about this one?

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I really like the last two with the real splotch. The ligature looks like a sideways c.
I like the inky butterfly a lot.

You could have the splotch growing like a think-bubble from the two tittles.

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"You could have the splotch growing like a think-bubble from the two tittles."

Now *that* is a cool idea!
To my eye the butterfly is a bit much. It might also not reproduce well at smaller sizes. But apart from that, I think the last one is quite nice.

Not sure about the ones with the "ligature"; it throws me off a bit that it really looks like a "c".

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Thanks! I will try the think bubble, and I am glad you two like the last one best, I think I do too. and thanks for all your help altaira!

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Would a slight tweak to the name help? If the i's are butting heads, maybe something like 'ink by anavi'?

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It's a good idea, but I am doing a bit of a play of words like Anavi Ink instead of Anavi Inc so that might not work.

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squashed a butterfly with an ink stamp?
or is the ink made from butterflies?

I think I missed something.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer
Short Film Festival

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The typographic solutions are better than the butterfly—and more adaptable.

My favorite so far is number 5 of the latest set.


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Maybe a touch of italic if you're going for a feminine look?

The Courier was a bit of an experiment to go with your Inc./Ink pun but might want to stay as Mrs Eaves ...

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Well I was thinking more like a butterfly emerging out of a cocoon of ink...or like the psychological test ( rorschach )

but I also just wanted to add a feminine element since that is my intended audience.

The do like some of the other options, but I don't imagine them appealing to woman as much... anyone beg to differ?

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Well I was thinking more like a butterfly emerging out of a cocoon of ink...or like the psychological test ( rorschach )

In that case... Here's an idea: have the butterfly BE the ink splotches, rather than knocking it out of an ink splotch. Then, split this butterfly in two and have each half replace the dot over each i...

Here's my poor rendering, minus turning the butterfly into ink splotches:

You could bring the words and the butterfly halves closer together, too, to keep the butterfly from looking like it's been torn in half.

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Well that is very creative...but the 1/2 butterfly or butterfly ripped in half is also a little scary for a stationery designer's logo. : )

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1/2 butterfly a.k.a. "butterfly light" :)

I actually see two butterflies facing each other (each with wings folded flat)

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fair enough re: butterfly/female connection.

femme ink.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer
Short Film Festival

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