More Typographic Control in Illustrator CS4 Control Panel?

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I'm wondering if there is a way to see more details in the control panel (top bar) of Adobe Illustrator CS4.
When using the Type Tool, it only displays Font, Font Style, and Font Size.

I'd like to see leading, kerning and tracking as well without having to click on "character". You used to be able to do this in older versions of Illustrator.

I attached a pic.

Any ideas?


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The only difference I see to CS3 is that the edit boxes for Transform have been removed (and now you mention it, yeah, that sucks too). No leading, tracking, and kerning.

It's not a biggie for me, I have the Character panel open all the time anyway.

InDesign, on the other hand, has a fully customizable control panel -- up to each and every single item in the Character panel. A very useful feature that, well worth of copying to other programs in the nominally inappropriately named "suite".

In cases like this, one can only guess what the underlying thought was to remove features.

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