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we are helping out with he local pride festival and have been asked to design some promotional posters.The very rough idea that has been OK'd by the committee is attached.
What I am looking for are some suggestions for the typeface as I'm feeling a bit stumped with it.

Originally I was thinking of using a similar typeface to that of a fax or weather report that ships get but I can find any references for it yet.
Any suggestions please

PS the poster is just very rough work filled with the limited info we have atm, it will undoubtedly go through many revisions at the hand of the committee.

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Maybe it's just because I like it but this sounds like a good place for Sauna.

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You might look at Grover, and if that works try adding a smiley face to the cloud.

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Cheers for the suggestions, and Ken I can see why you like Sauna, its going on the suggestion pile for the next presentation with he committee.

edit: just seen the price of Sauna, its way too steep for the budget, which is a shame as it would be perfect, really wish they did a smaller package.

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To afford Sauna, economize by making it a one-color job :-)

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Not type-related: Shouldn't green be one of the colors in the cloud with the rainbow flag stripes?

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Ricardo, the Rainbow colours are in the order we have been told to use:-)

Nick its pretty hard to economise on a budget of £0, and it has to be full colour.
I think I will have to put a case to the partners to buy Suana for the studio as it's a loverly font:-)


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