Svengali Roman.

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A couple of years ago, some interesting found lettering in a headline was posted here in the type identification forum. The general consensus reached was that the lettering was hand lettered, though a couple of faces (including one of mine) were suggested as the basis of approximating the 'look and feel' of the lettering.

This is the specimen that was posted in 2007:

Here is my progress to date at trying to recreate it as a font. So far I've worked on the lower case, or 'small capitals':

I'd be pleased to hear suggestions and feedback on this project so far,


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This is awesome! The R is fantastic. I'd love to see the tail of the R reach just a little past the baseline (subtly - only the way a bowl would overshoot). Right now it just feels a touch higher than it should be, like it's trying to balance on the stem. Regardless, I think it's the best of the bunch. Other favorites are the U, J, and K. Looking forward to the release.

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Hi Paul,

I've spent a long time looking for a font like this, and I'm DELIGHTED to see your work in progress. Please consider me the first in line to license a copy, okay? Meanwhile, if you need any testing or user commentary, I'd be thrilled to help.

Best wishes!

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Thanks for your comments. Mal, I shall be in touch about your kind offer. Meanwhile, I've made a start on the capitals:

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H: While the "Twilight Zone" aesthetic is not necessarily out of place, I hope you're aware that's the gutter of the page curling back.

w: Would look more at home if narrower.

f: I'm not convinced the original form needed to be corrected. Alternates, perhaps.

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You make some good points:

- Especially good point about the capital H!

- Interesting too, I hadn't realised I'd done that to the 'f'...I think it's almost a subonscious habit of mine when designing E's and F's to referse the lengths of the hozizontals.
- I've narrowed the 'w' a little.

Meanwhile, I've now had a stab at the full range of capitals, an here's the next test piece:


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Here's a version with sharper serifs.....thanks for the suggestion Mike!

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