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Hi! I am trying ti create a font (using VOLT, but if anyone knows another tool, and how I could go through this, it would be appreciated too!) which uses contextual substitution. However, it does not seem to be working.
Would you give me some advise to complete this work?

What I am trying to do is:

say you have families 1,2,3,4

fam1=>b, k, n, w, plus a special character (consonantic group) sh

fam2=>d, m, v, r + dj (left to right)

fam3=>f, l, s, z + tsh (left to right)

fam4=>g, p, t, y j

This is where my problem starts:

now l and r have 2 forms:

->one as a first letter in the syllab
->one as a mark when folllowing another consonant

->m/n have two forms and become a mark when preceding a consonant.

-> vowels (I forgot to say it before: y is considered a consonant) have 6 forms which are the followings

fam1 + a=>a_1
fam2 + a=>a_2
fam3 + a=>a_3
fam4 + a=>a_4
any vowel in forms stand-alone; 1 and 3 + a=> a_5

any vowel in forms 2 and 4 + a=> a_6

and there is a form as a stand-alone letter (the above applies to each vowel), which is the same as when following a vowel in form 5 or 6

How do I specify this to Volt? As I said before, if anyone knows how to do this with another tool, it would gratly help too!

I have tried using th add feature, then add substitution , then type in the letters it should apply to, but when trying to compile it, it doesn't work at all.
I am not using a standart script (I made-up one) maybe this is the source of the problem?
What if I change it to latn1, our arabic?
The script is "Mandombe", it is not supported by Unicode yet, (well I couldn't find it listed in the unicode list, however, all characters are supported, but spread accross several scripts).

The language settings I am using in VOLT are:
If I change the language defaut to, say us, or English, will that help?
If I change the scrip to a recognized one, will that change anything?

It would be great if you could find some time to help me with that, I am totally lost, and I hope there is enough information on what I a m trying to do, if not let me know.

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I'm looking at it now...

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> I will look closer.

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No, this is the reason why I am looking for advise.

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Thanks, let me know if you find something... I'll keep trying...
For now, I have tried setting script to latin, but no difference. Maybe something with my lookups.. Anyway, I'll keep trying until it works...

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> have you done this before?

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