How I feel....

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I was finishing my daily practice of lettering and knocked out the word "Letters" I was about to throw away the piece when I thought it would make a cool design. This is what I ended up with. It pretty much sums up how I feel. For those interested it was lettered with a 1/4" Langnickel 6076 Nocturna brush and showcard paint.


-Charles Borges de Oliveira

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Refit that to the back of your business card!

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I hope you feel as good as those letters look. You have a rare talent!

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Carl... I think we need to break his fingers before he gets any better : )


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Beautiful, just beautiful.

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Ditch the tagline. Elegance = done.


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It would look great even white on red or black on white (or vice versa) without the drop shadow. I hope I am not too presumptious, criticising is always way too easy :)

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but, but, but, it's a word...;)


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Charles, before throw away any of your pieces of work send them to me to my home and I ll find a frame. Best, Ale

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Thank you for the kind words. Ale I will send you a lettered piece someday. I still need more practice.



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Very nice :)
Balanced and a nice flow too.

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Charles, I think it's the swashes that are your life, not the letters :-)

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I love this.

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Thanks Sharon. I love lettering :)

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Really really nice and decorative, well done.

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Forgive me if I'm stupid - this is a whole new world to me! Did you paint his by hand with real paints and things? Or are your medium referrals meaning something computer based? Either way it's gorgeous!

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gecko_star: he uses a secret as yet unknown technology which we must all discover lest he conquer the world with that lettering.

«El futuro es una línea tan fina que apenas nos damos cuenta de pintarla nosotros mismos». (La Luz Oscura, por Javier Guerrero)

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Gecko Star, it was hand lettered with a lettering brush and paint. Then I scanned in the lettering and outlined it in illustrator. Next I added the sub-copy and lastly the drop shadow to give it some pop.



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Dear Sir!
I’d love to see it scanned in black and white, without the Illustrator outlines. Could you please provide that earlier version?

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Thanks for posting this! I hope you keep showing us your work.

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That is amazingly great!

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