Size-specific adjustments to type designs: An investigation of the principles guiding the design of optical sizes

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Finally, my book on optical sizes has been published.

It is very type designer-centric so I guess it may be of interest for many people here.

On the ATypI website you can see my paper for the St Petersburg conference, which gives you a foretaste.

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Wow, great!! How exciting to see a book
entirely devoted to this much-needed topic.

Maybe it's just me, but the "Buy" link doesn't seem to work. :-(
(Sorry - error
Please go back and Check your input fields.

… when there weren't any input fields.)

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I gotta get this family out the door so I can buy a copy!

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Wonderful, Tim. Congratulations!

[I get the same error on clicking "buy".]

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Great, Tim! I'm certainly gonna purchase it as soon as the error devil has gone.

James, I hope you were talking to your font family ;)

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Yeah, I don’t let my real family in the apartment.

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Congratulations Tim. A type designer-centric book? Yes please!

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James, you could let them buy some kind of ticket.

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This look like it will be a fantastic read. I can't wait to buy a copy!

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Congratulations, Tim. It looks like a very good read.

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The book for the rest of us :-)


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Wow, congratulations! I'm going to buy it too, as soon as the link to buy it is fixed. BTW your lecture about Font RMX tools was very interesting, I watched the video.

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I can confirm this is indeed great and useful book!

The only down side: this is the definitive source for all optical sized font specimens. There are nice samples that take up a big chunk of the book...

So everyone out there working on optical sizes now, start hoping for a second edition :)

Best of luck Tim!


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Congrats, Tim, I think I'll get a copy myself, too !
And I am sure Cynthia has done a great job as well.

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Congratulations, Tim! I hope you bring some copies to Typo Berlin so I can buy one there :)

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... bring some copies to Typo Berlin ...

Very good idea!

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Yes, thirded! Please bring a stack. ;-)

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Thanks for your interest, everyone.

I already contacted the Typo Berlin organisers re book sales. Will do my best to get that sorted.

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Now the "Buy" link is working!

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Tim I can only select 'Canada' or 'United States' in the order forms. I live in neither.

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...the definitive source for all optical sized font specimens.

I will be pleasantly surprised if any of my work is included.

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I have just been informed by the publisher that they do ship outside North America.
You can select any US state. Since the order is processed by humans (and the credit card will not be charged by an automatism) they will ignore that.

sorry, I was not aware of your work when I did my research (which was 3 years ago). I know it must be frustrating if your work is not recognised. However, consider it was originally an MA thesis and I worked under time pressure. There are other designers I missed or was unable to contact.
The book and the sample section is by no means complete. However, it is probably still by far the most comprehensive paper on the subject.

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I know it must be frustrating if your work is not recognised.

It's how I keep my cachet :-)

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Now I just need to decide whether to buy now and send to our existing address, or wait until we move at the end of the month....


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Looking forward to reading your book Tim!

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Congrats, Tim!
I must have this one!


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Will this book only be available directly from the publisher? I tried ordering through my local booksellers and they aren’t able to order it.

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Appendices of epic proportions

Michael Hernan

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James - yes just from the publisher.

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Great! Just recieved my copy today.

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Me too! And I even finished reading it! Thanks, Tim!


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