I have made one of the most beatiful Naskh Font. I need some Help

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I have made one of the most beautiful Naskh Font “Musa Albazi Naskh”.
It has two styles Regular and Bold with 1200+ Glyphs & Ligatures for each style, complete Marks setting on all words. It is a truetype font.
I want this font to be available for buying on web. what should I do.
Please help me with details.
Bundle of Thanks.

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Image Sample of My Font “Musa Albazi Naskh” in Regular Style in Word 2007

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Congartulations Zuhair Albazi with flowers.
1. Please delete these 2
Just click edit then delete
2. Did you kern any pair of letters?
3. Can you bring out / table all your ligatures? In a PDFile?
4. If you want your font to be added to our MirEmad, just email me.
All the Best

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The redundant threads have been deleted.

I want to echo Aziz, it would be good to have more and larger images or PDF file so that we can better appreciate the work.

Also, can you be more specific about what it is you want to do with this design? Do you want to license it to users directly? Or find a foundry to do this for you? What do you want to do?

Eben Sorkin, Moderator

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Actually I do not know which way is better.
I tried to find Arabic Font Foundries on web but could not guess which foundries are popular for arabic fonts.
what should I do? license it directly by a new website or by font foundries?
Can you provide me the links of some great arabic foundries?
I will load some more Images of my work but what should be the dimentions of images.
I do not know how to make PDF files.

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Here is how to make a PDF from MS Word:

1. Download and install the MS Office add-in 'Save as PDF'

2. Open your Word document showing your font, and use the 'Save as PDF' add-in to generate the PDF.

Typophile won't let you attach a PDF to a discussion comment, so you'll need to either upload the PDF to another website and provide a link from Typophile, or send the PDF to someone who can do this for you.

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Here is a link that explains about image posting:


Here are some key points:

• GIF, PNG or JPEG only, no TIFF or BMAP
• RGB only, no CMYK
• Do not exceed 590 pixels in width.

• PDFs should be vector files only eg not contain photos/bitmaps too.

I hope this helps.

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Here is a Larger sample of my font with some ligatures and Marks positioning. Also observe the superscript alef on lam-yeh & beh-yeh.

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Much better image! This has a nice fluid feeling.

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Eben, till yet I am waiting for the links from typophiles for popular Arabic Font Foundries or Sellers on Web. I tried my best to locate by myself but could not guess the popular ones although there are too much foundries.

pl. help me in this matter.

Zuhair Albazi

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You might try contacting the big sellers of type to see what terms they can offer you. This is not going to be a complete list and my apologies in advance if I am leaving out a foundry that sells & supports Arabic; but you might try contacting ( in no particular order): Monotype/Linotype, Myfonts, Fontshop, Microsoft, Tiro Typeworks, Dalton Maag, Ascender, Typotheque, Sakkal Design & Adobe.

You also might want to contact Fiona Ross at Reading University.

You can also search typophile for threads about this subject in the

This is the Arabic section of Typophile

This section deals with Releasing fonts

And also, you can search for things on typophile ( in this case looking for "arabic" and "release" ) using by putting this in the google search:

site:typophile.com arabic aelease

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Also, I had assumed that you know about Tasmeem. But in case you don't:


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Thank you so much for your valuable information.
I t will be much helpful.
Once again thank you.

Zuhair Albazi

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You are welcome!

And if anybody knows of a foundry I missed, feel free to add a name or names to this list.

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