Quick FontLab question

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When in FontLab a user applies the "autohint" function, in the font window there will invariably be two horizontal hints ... one at the top of the glyph and one at the bottom. These hints are different visually in that one of the lines is pink while the other is green.

However when I resize that hint, the pink line changes to green. Also if you set a hint on or near the baseline, right click the hint and choose "reverse," you'll get the hint with the different color lines; and with an arrow on the far right pointing up (which is the direction of the hint). I have yet to get this to work in the other direction, however, at the top with the arrow pointing down.

I'm just wondering what if anything that pink line means, and/or anything else relevant to this scenario. Any insight would be appreciated.

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Actually, I think I've solved this. I don't think the pink color of the line means anything other than being an indicator of the direction of the hint. I think it performs the same function as an ordinary hint with two green lines. This is the best I can gather so far, anyway.

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