Wedding Script Font

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We wedding photography and we need a font to write the bride and groom's name and we need to have a elegant and understated font.

We like Corinthia, Lily wang, Olicana smooth, Dear joe, Satisfaction, Affable and Passions conflict.

We would like your opinions on these and if you have a better font suggestion please let us know. Thank you.

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Corinthia and Olicana are far and away the best quality of the typefaces you mention. Be sure to set the bride and groom's names in the online sampler and I think you'll find the connections on the other fonts are not so good.

You might also like Avalon, Biscotti, La Portenia, Oxida, Enchanted, Brisa, Kewl Script, and Ministry Script.

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thank you Stephen or your comment. We are going to try a few fonts you have suggested. We will upload it as soon as the design is in the working stage.

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