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I need a critique on this type, or more specifically the "R-E". Any help would be appreciated!

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Wow, Tom

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The O has its opening towards south-west. Have you tried north-east, thus making the normal icon of the moon?

What is The Sleep Store?

How come the place where the curve meets the stem in P (and R) is relatively thick, compared to the same place in T and E?

I would reduce the space between the words a hair.

Like Scott: the R gets a lot of attention ... it shoudn't.

BTW, a nice mark!

Soren O

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The Sleep Store's goal is simple: create products that help you sleep. They sell them to hospitals and other outlets.

I have tried to adjust the logo according to the great advice I received. Let me know if my new "R" is successful as well as my spacing etc.

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I dont think the moon on the bottom layout works because it looks like a "c".

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Hi Tom

at first look i think you have a problem with the top of your P and R, is too thick, and i agree that the O should be the first one.

also, the bottom of your Es are too long, and the H is too wide for me.

nice anyway


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tom, i agree, that the bottom one looks like a C -- perhaps you could rotate it a bit more? like this . . .

i think either direction for the moon shape would work, though. Also, i am not a type expert, but it seems as though you either need to make the P curve at the bottom a little thicker or the R curve a little thinner:

here is what i mean about the moon rotated and the R thinner.

I also agree the bottom of the E is too long. Of course, this is all nit-picking refinement stuff --great logo.

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oops forgot to upload the example. :-)


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uh, i mean . . .

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Sally -- somehow I think that your moon pointing south-east, as well as Tom's first moon pointing south-west, don't work due to ... well, astronomy. You don't see the moon that way on our hemisphere, do you? Anyway, I think that north-east has most 'universalilty'. (Red Crescent -- the non-christian equivalent to Red Cross has its opening pointing east).

I don't see a problem misreading O for C ... having read 'THE' and 'SLEEP' I'm sure noone would go on 'STCRE' ...

You still need to adjust the upper stem/curve joints in P and R.

I would prefer a normal leg to R ... considering its position right next to the pun.

I agree with those that say the E is too broad ... the more 'dull' the other letters are, the more interesting the moon!

Soren O

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in my opinon, the direction of the moon doesn't need to be taken so literally . . . it looks better and reads more fluently with it facing in a direction that is not "realistic." i think the readability is more important than the astrological correctness.

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OK, I'll bite and say, "northwest?" But I do not even play a graphic designer on TV.
We like the moon, because it is close to us.

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Why blue?
Why is the moon blue, with black spots on it?

IMPO I feel like the moon is being forced into a letter that should really be a C.

Have you tried white type on a Black/Navy Background?

I am not getting to much comfort out of the typeface. I feel like it is a little sharp for my bed.

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Please tell us about the two concepts.

Are they the answer to a problem? What is the problem?

Soren O

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He is just spamming, I think...and he doesn't know about the Board post error :-)

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Discover, What?, Horses and Rectangles? Hmmm pretty F***ing interesting if you ask me.

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I used to like this hotel until I discovered a horse floating in through the window.

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I think he is trying too hard to make an H and L into a hotel, and the horses feet and mane need some work.

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[quote]I used to like this hotel until I discovered a horse floating in through the window.[/quote]

That's what shopping for a bargain rate on Priceline will get you :-)

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