Autospacing Action Vs Manual Kerning

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Ok I'm not thinking on using autospacing instead of manual kerning ;) I just want to know what happend if I do an autospacing to my whole font if I did manual kerning (OTF) The autospacing will affect my manual kerning? Or are they 2 separate things in the font?

Thanks in advance!

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Spacing and kerning are two different things. Spacing is modifying the sidebearings on each separate letter. Kerning is modifying space between a letter pair. Fontlabs autospacing doesn't seem to be very good, btw.

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Cool, thanks!

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Sorry, can you tell me why is not good?

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Auto-kerning makes a big mess. Just do class kerning and manually kern key glyphs.


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Both these function are bad because you loose all control of the result.

If you want to save time, use class kerning and class metrics instead.

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