What's Going On With the Forum (search)?

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For example, searching for "pairing" turns up zero results. This isn't true.

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It has been noted several times in the past that the Typophile search box is not working properly, since a few years now. Best method to search Typophile currently still seems to be using Google and adding 'site:typophile.com' to your search request.

For example: typophile search site:typophile.com / pairing site:typophile.com.

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I appologize for the redundant post- I don't read the forum every day and I couldn't search for the answer to my question :)

Thanks for the advice, it is duly noted. Maybe this or a previous topic could be made a sticky, as I looked for it there too.

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Yes, the search is indeed broken. I have added a bookmark to my browser with a piece of javascript coding someone on the forum wrote (I forgot who) which you can use to search Typophile via Google with a little pop-up window.

If anyone wants to have that, say so and I will post the code here.

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Ah Florian, I see that you posted the javascript in that thread. :)

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Does not work for me, but that could be me, not the script ... at the first glance, SmartyPants substituted apostrophes and double curly quotes for the single and double straight quotes in the script. Would it work like that?

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Oh, yes, you’re right: all quotes should be single and straight. No double quotes involved. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Thanks, Florian. Works like a charm.

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I think using the code tags will keep the original characters and quotes?


Looks to me like it does. :)

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Good news! We fixed it. You can go ahead and use the search field again. Apologies for leaving it broken for so long. Some bugs are more tenacious than others.

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