"Table Grapes" font seen at Aldi grocery

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I saw this yesterday while shopping for groceries. I can't say I've seen this font before, yet aspects of it are vaguely familiar.

Anybody have any idea what the "Table Grapes" part is?

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Wow, it looks like I've stumped the type ID ninjas since nobody's responded yet! Usually stuff gets ID'd in like 5 minutes around here. Maybe it's hand-drawn and doesn't exist as a font? Somehow I doubt that.

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Hi Brad,

I think it’s not a font, at least not a good one. ;-)
You can find a similar ‘p’ in Gill Sans Bold Italic. The spikey endings and the overall liveliness remind me of Goudy Sans Black Italic. But both fonts are far from being a hit, sorry.

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Yeah, the "p" does look like Gill Sans, and I couldn't remember the name "Goudy Sans," although I was thinking of it. You're right, it's not very well-drawn, but the shape of that "s" is intriguing. The whole thing is so weird and quirky. I think that's why I like it. :)

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