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In case if you guys haven't seen this lovely story yet:

Someone rips the work of a logo designer, posts it on stockart and then stockart sends a bill for 18K to the designer, calls him a fraud and tries to extort the money by calling up his clients and badmouthing him.

Beautiful business model.

PS. Jon is an active and visible member of LogoPond community. There's a lot of people who can vouch for him and his work. It is extremely unlikely that he was ripping other people's work.

PPS. In the light of recent news I edited the subject of the topic.

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> It is extremely unlikely that he was ripping other people’s work.

Story develops and what do ya know .. it appears that he might've been in fact doing just that. Damn. I feed used.

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it appears that he might’ve been in fact doing just that

What, really?! Do you have a link?
His blog seems to be down now.

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Wow. Thanks for that link, mili.
So easy to get caught up in "internet mob justice"…

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