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Hi All,

Just to let you know the new independent foundry 'Colophon' is now open.
We have three typefaces available at the moment.


Using old typewriter fonts as a reference, a new typewriter-esque font was created. Initially created in a bold weight for the identity of 'Peggs & son.' (Not for commercial usage), the typeface was lightened to a regular weight and an extended character set created.

Using the crassness of printed typewriter faces, certain bowls of the letterforms don't connect to create a unique attribute to the typeface.


Alison Haigh designed Perfin in 2008. Perfins or 'Perforated Initials' first appeared on postage stamps in 1868. Companies perforated text and symbols into their stamps to protect them from theft. The use of perforations meant there was no need to overprint onto the stamp image. Perfin was created based on the letterforms seen on these stamps, and is a clear, versatile display typeface.


Reader is a neo–grotesque typeface created in a medium weight. The typeface itself has been referenced from an RSPB letter dating 1972. The original typeface, which is unknown, was a monospaced, rounded face. It had geometric proportions which felt like they wanted to break free of the restrictions of a monospaced grid.

The construction and geometric properties from this type were taken into the sketching process of Reader but without the monospaced grid. The proportions of the typeface were rebalanced to give it a neo-grotesque, 1960's swiss style feel, but also referencing the symmetry and geometry of the bauhaus.

Weight has also been added to the face, giving a subtle stress to the characters and allowing easy readability. The ends of every stem, originally rounded, have been cut off, replaced with horizontal and angled edges to allow for evenly spaced typesetting.

The name takes itself from the original reference of whom the letter is addressed to – Reader.

Please go over to

and let us know what you think!


Colophon Foundry

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Three great designs to start with. Best of luck with the new enterprise!


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