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My freelance identity needs to be updated. I've been wondering if I should continue using my name or should I create a business name (would it seem more professional/substantial or just gimicky)? For now, I have decided I would prefer to go with my name. I know it's a very personal decision, but I'm curious as to the process others have used to come up with their name, is it ok to use a private joke? Does it have to be something the client "gets"? Many of the other posts have debated over whether or not an individual should have a personal logo. I feel that as a graphic designer the answer is yes. Attached are 2 business card designs, please let me know what you think, if you have a preference, and how you think they can be improved upon. Thanks in advance, I value all of your input.



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no nibbles here so I re-posted in Logos/Corporate IDs

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> Don't be discouraged...I'm digested :-) It's lovely.

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I think if you are a solo, freelance designer, then you should definately stick with your name. Having a company name for an individual just doesn't seem necessary. Plus, if you work with someone and they like you, it's probably easier for them just to remember your name.

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I agreed with BGG, you can use your name as an identity.

A point of view : The challenge would be to associate your name at the graphic design sector at the beginning. This is directly in relation with the high quality of your work. You do a good job, your name will be synonym of quality. If not, the opposite effect could happen.

The design, the type and the pastel color you've choose, horizontal or vertical, seem to me in relation with cosmetic sector.

I like what you've done with the ligature of st
Finally, why do you use a lc or the first i and UP for the second i. I also suggest you work on the kerning of Navin, looks too tight.

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I second what Andr

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Kirsten loose the dot on the lower case i in your first name, its almost crashing with the K. I like the horizontal card. The colors are very Gold Coast Connecticut.

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When you loosen the kerning on Navin, as AndrZ suggests, try also lc.

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Ms. Now

Lots of post for the same comment? :-)

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Hmmm...can't answer that. Yves, what's up?

I swear I wasn't fudging posts to stay ahead of you :-)

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i like the logo typography and the ligature.
i wonder if the thin line under Navin is necessary. the overall colour is quite tepid. if i were you i'd add a strong colour along.

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Colors are pleasant. Very good if clients are in health care, hospitality and/or female. I do not see this design/colors scheme as a gateway to high tech, industrial or for that matter most male clients. As a freelance designer I think going with your own name is fine, especially if it already has a good reputation.
It is important that the name is remembered. I know a designer whos real last name is Radboy- He is young like a boy and his design is "radical"-using his own name works great.

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