Text font to pair with Rockwell

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I'm looking to use Rockwell (or similar slab-serif) as my header typeface, but I'm having trouble finding a text font that pairs well with the style. Adobe Warnock is close, but I'm open to a classy sans-serif as well.

Any thoughts?


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Any information on the content, audience, document type, production process?


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Well, one thought. Since you've picked the "heading" font first & are trying to find a text font to match, it seems the headings are more important than the text. Odd, but I suppose it happens in a "branding" situation.

If the size difference between the heads and the text is big enough, most any text font will work. Over the years, I've seen slabs paired successfully with most text fonts. If size alone isn't quite enough to blur a perceived infelicity, use weight. A bold or extra bold slab doesn't really "blend" with any text font -- except perhaps a slab from the same family -- so there is no real conflict. And if just the right weight isn't available, you can use the slightly too heavy one & screen it back a bit.

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Candida is of a similar vintage.

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