An Idea and Two Questions

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I had an idea for promoting my foundry's ( Greater Albion Typefounders) latest releases. It goes like this. Three of our larger families on (Whitehaven, Vertrina and the newly released Bonning) include free faces. The challenge would be to take one or more of these faces and use them to design an advertising poster that respects the spiri of the chosen faces. The best submissions would be published on our blog and the winners would receive complimenary copies of font faces as prizes.

Now the questions:

What do people think of this idea?

Does anyone have any suggestions of where to publicize it, apart from on here and our own blog?


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Well...It's certainly an idea. Unfortunately I don't have time (and I'll be honest here - inclination) to enter such a contest. But it sounds like an interesting "publicity" campaign.

You might check in with Smashing Magazine's blog - they often like to highlight free fonts and other resources and they have a wide, international audience.

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Thanks for that suggestion BEM. meanwhile I've just posted a preview of a forthcoming project 'Svengali Roman' on Greater Albion's blog.

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