Logo for 'NBA Salary Cap FAQ'

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To be placed on masthead here:



Old Logo:

Also my work, but four years ago when I didn't know better ;)


The NY Times recently had an article on Larry and the Cap FAQ:
(somehow he forgets to mention be though)

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I think if LARRY COON'S from the bottom one is used with the top version, it'll be quite good.

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How do you perceive either version of this new logo achieving more than your original? Also, not to get too technical, but is this logo for website masthead use only? I can't see how any of these would be applied effectively to other media.

Nick Hladek

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I'm sorry to say this, but apart from letter Q, old logo looks much much better.
Robert Koritnik

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For a sports logo, the vertically arched letters are a much better design than the radial/perspective letters. Always use vertically arched letters for sports. Always.

Is there a less ridiculous place you could put Larry's name? I find it really irritating since I have no clue who he. And, unless he's the commissioner of NBA salaries, I don't care.

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