An experiment

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Just wanted to gather some public opinions on this logo. I will reveal why later.

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Not very good.

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Too busy, too cliche, and kerned too tightly. Why so many colors? Why does the tagline proclaim "freedom from coffee and copies" yet the mark looks like four copies of a coffee cup?

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Is this your only solution? If yes go back and sketch some more.
Don't settle for the first idea.

No man is an island unto himself_John Donne

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I have definitely seen this exact mark used in some other logo.

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First of all: if you have a colourful symbol in you logotype, you "have to" have achromatic/nonvivid type. Otherwise it looks kitchy. White trash.

Putting aside all resemblances to other logos and suggestions about improper type use. I agree with all of them above.

Oh. Bahamas is a good example of what I just pointed out. Achromatic/Nonvivid type against colourful logo. Check others as well like NBC, MS Windows, BT, various Olympic logos...

Of course there may be exceptions to the rule... but you have to know exactly what you're doing and what you want to achieve...

@epsilicon: my thoughts exactly. Just can't remember where.
Robert Koritnik

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the design industry isn't exactly a good cross section of "public opinion"

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer
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imo, a mark shouldn't be used unless it represents something effectively. Maybe you can play with the type instead. If you still want to go with the mark you are using i have an idea. You could make them into cubes, representing cubicles. But, you can make the bottom right one colored or seperated vs. the others being black or together. That would represent it being "free" imo.

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This person is not coming back I don't blame them.

No man is an island unto himself_John Donne

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This person is not coming back I don’t blame them.

Is it because they love solipsism?

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This person is back.

No. This is not my logo.

This logo was designed by a crowdsourced company, Crowdspring.

I was initially approached about the logo (we're a small company, we're offering $500, yadda yadda) and not having time, I passed the project to a qualified intern. I am not exactly sure what happened, whether he spoke to my intern or not, but the guy decided to crowdsource the logo, eventually turning to Crowdspring. He's now singing its praises, and in passing made some disparaging comments about the design field in general.

I decided to crowdsource critiques from various online message boards (besides design boards) for his logo.

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And to think I would design something like that!

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Haha, that does looks sourced. Thanks for coming back and explaining it.

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If anyone is interested, Johnson Banks just posted a blog entry about BBH crowdsourcing their logo. As a designer I find this equally upsetting and hilarious.

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I am quite aware of this experiment by BBH Labs as I am employed by BBH. We're having some lively discussions internally.

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The logo is a pedazo de mierda!

No man is an island unto himself_John Donne

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Can't I like... de-track this thread? I don't want to be reminded of it any longer.

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Good article, thanks for posting.

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