Cosmos, a display slab serif

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Hello Typophile-

I'm hoping to get some feedback on my first attempt at a complete and functioning typeface.
Cosmos slab is meant to be a display face, but if I can make it legible at small sizes that would be a wonderful bonus. It was drawn in illustrator and brought in to fontlab where I'm endlessly tinkering with it. I'm currently working on the widths of the uppercase and numbers, as they are a bit out of tune. Any extra suggestions/ comments would be very helpful.

thanks in advance!


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I am an amateur myself, but to give a humble opinion: '2' and '3' looks awkward with those serif.

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Well I think it has some nice characteristics, but I think it still needs quite a bit of work. I won't go too much into detail, as I understand this is still a work in progress. The things I think you need to look into the most:

-Overall I think it still feels rather unbalanced, some characters look quite wide whereas others are quite thin (I'm thinking about the lowercase u and the capital H for instance). They just don't feel like a coherent set yet. It has the look of a monospaced typeface yet it isn't, which is also a bit weird, so I would look into the spacing as well. Compare with simular fonts to see the difference in approach.

-Some of the slab serifs feel like they are stuck on afterwards, or come in places we're one doesn't expect one (2 and 3). This is strange, especially because it's inconsitant. You could use this to make your font stick out, but then it needs to be worked out more.

-This may be a bit of a trick question, but I could not help asking: Would does distinquish this font from other slab serifs (f.i. Lubalin graph)? I don't see a clear distiquishing feature, so I would like to know more about your influences and motivations in creating this typeface.

I hope I wasn't too harsh on you, but I hope it helps....

cheerio Queneau

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Isn't there already a Cosmos out there?

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I think there are a few fonts out there called Cosmos or some variant thereof, and this design doesn't particularly evoke anything particularly cosmic to me.

That said, I don't have a problem with some of the unusual serif placements. They look fine on the 2 and 3, for example.

The 3, B and S look a bit top-heavy, but they may be symmetrical. It's an illusion that should be compensated for. P and R appear to sag a bit, and n looks too narrow. Overall not too bad at all.

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@Scott Leyes:
Relax, it's her first typeface. :)

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mk2: although I like those serifs, it's true that they are a bit odd- so I might consider taking them out alltogether.

Queneau: thank you for your imput- I am working on the consistency of the widths, and your right that the spacing needs help. As for my reasoning for making it- I have always had an affinity for slab serifs, and wanted to try my hand at making my own, taking out some of the things that bother me about other faces, and adding my own touches.

cuttlefish: i'll take a look at the characters you mentioned, thanks for the imput.

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What are the things that bother you in other faces? Just curious... :)

cheerio Queneau

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I'd eliminate the overbite of the G.
Your t might need to overshoot the baseline some.
I appreciate the idea that the h is wider than n/u, but it might be too much so. Try reducing the difference just a little bit on either or both.

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