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I applied to the Type Media program for this fall, but haven't heard anything back yet after I sent my portfolio a few months back. Hopefully I'm not getting sent anything by USPS, because the last letter I got from Germany sent through the post office took about 5 months to reach me. I know when I've posted on Typophile before, some students and faculty from TypeMedia have replied, so I was wondering if anyone there could tell me where they're at in the process of choosing students for the 09/010 course, and if anyone that applied for the 09/010 TypeMedia course has gotten a yes or no regarding their acceptance. I'm in the U.S., so it would be be very helpful to know soon. Thanks!

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Dear Josh,

At the Type & Media department we are still in the process of evaluating portfolios at the moment. I can't say when the final selection will be made but I estimate somewhere in the next two weeks.


-Paul van der Laan

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Great, thanks for the update Paul! Hope to see you in The Hague this Fall.

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Hi Paul,

I have one other question: I sent Jan Willem Stas my portfolio, CV, and letter of intent in February, but I am still going back and forth with the US govt. about my passport -- I thought I would have it this week, and they just sent me a letter saying I need to supply them with one more form. I will definitely have it by the end of this month, but possibly not by the time you make decisions about who's going to be in the 09/010 course. Will this have any bearing on your decision?

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