Kerning pair compile warning

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My kerning information keeps building incomplete, and the key has got to be this warning I get when I compile OT. It repeats for what appears to be every kerning class. What does it mean? Another symptom is that when I "Paste Special" all the kerning information in the glyphs from one font to another, only about half appear in the destination.

[WARNING] <Cerulea> Start of new pair positioning subtable; some pairs may never be accessed: [k Kappa kappa kcommaaccent kgreenlandic afii10028 afii10061 afii10076 afii10109 K Kcommaaccent] [q oe e c g o edieresis ecircumflex eacute egrave Ccedilla ccedilla epsilon eogonek emacron alpha ecaron cacute ccaron gcircumflex gdotaccent gbreve cdotaccent ccircumflex gcommaaccent edotaccent sigma1 sigma epsilontonos afii10035 afii10053 afii10070 afii10066 afii10071 afii10083 afii10101 C G OE Gbreve Cacute Ccaron Cdotaccent Ccircumflex Gdotaccent Gcircumflex Gcommaaccent] [C:/Documents and Settings/Kevin Pease/My Documents/FontLab/Studio5/fontlab.fea 301]

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Sometimes I get this warning with one font of a family but not the other. The classes in the fonts are the same, the encodings are the same, and the same glyphs exist in each font. Very weird.

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You should try to avoid mixing glyphs from different scripts, in this case Latin, Cyrillic and Greek, in kerning classes. Divide your classes by script (Expand class kerning, reorganize classes, compress kerning classes) and see if the warning goes away.

Oh, and delete any kern pairs between glyphs of different scripts that may result when expanding your classes.

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