HELP with Magazine Typeface

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help help help!

i'm trying to find the perfect text (and alternate display) typeface for a magazine i'm designing. i know that's a tall order, but suggestions are welcome.

the magazine, which showcases artisans and the places they're from, is oversized (10x15), and i'm playing with using very tall, narrow text columns. the other face i'm using, mainly for display, is HTF Knockout.

i need something that has an old-fashioned 'french' feel, probably a transitional face, and a lot of character. i have tried garamond 3, cochin and new caledonia (see below), but none is quite right. why? cochin: love the text face, hate the italic. garamond: too common. new caledonia: a little boring.

to top this all off i'd love for the face to have a display weight with either ultra high stroke contrast or or an ultra light weight.


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I think Freight could work. It has several versions and optical-sizes; Freight Big, Display, Micro, Sans and Text.

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thanks! i'll check freight out.

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If you're happy with a traditional choice (yes, Freight is grande …) –
Bulmer MT –

Another one – Hercules – with nice quirks made by Mr. Storm –

Borges, i want to see this typeface in a mag, prominently –
and Knockout is so multi-style, that this combo could work also, … it depends. Might be to colorful for the nice quirky Knockout Series …


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