Type Design Workshops?

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If you had never formally studied the design of type (despite using it for 30+ years) and were looking for the best hands on workshop on the planet, where would you go? I've seen a few blog postings documenting these wonderful intensive weekend to weeks long type retreats.

Is there a compendium of them somewhere? Does Typophile have a "Worldwide Type Events" calendar hidden away somewhere?

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I want to add that the goal would be to spend most of the time designing our own faces, not listening to lectures.




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Good question. I'd be interested to know as well.

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Are there any websites or online workshops which would guide me in type building. Have designed a type, need to detail it a little bit.

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Check out the Type@Cooper certificate program at the Cooper Union in New York City:

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Crafting Type now offers exactly this kind of workshop in any city :)


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