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I'm working on a wordmark for a documentary tv series about women race car drivers. I'm aiming for something that references old-style race car graphics that doesn't alienate current fans of racing. This is part of an internship/student summer job, so keep in mind it's student level work!

I would love any feedback, comments, suggestions for really making this come alive, it'll be used for print, web and merch. Thanks!

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LOL sorry tiff, all us outtastaters like to complain about UT drivers whenever we're in UT. I miss Eureka - did you stop at the Samoa Cookhouse while you were up there?

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Thanks for the tips Tiffany, I've tweaked it a bit.

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This seems to be an emerging topic all of a sudden. LA Weekly did a feature story about racer chicks recently, and Speedvision is plastered with this stuff now. Anyway.

Calliope, I don't think this is racy enough. You need more chaos... or dare I say, fury.

And here's an idea to promote the "genderness": turn the top-left serif of the big "R" into a pony tail, maybe one that turns into flames at the tip(s). Too cheesy?


And Tiffany, what's "fast"?

> They sit in the inside lane and basically
> expect you to pass them on the right.

That's when you pass them on the left anyway.
It's easier at night though: get yourself some 100W Hellas with the left one pointed to the left mirror and the other to the rear view, move slghtly to the left, then roast corneas as needed. You'd be surprised at the quick and easy results. Except for the ones who raise both hands to cover their eyes - those you should just go around quickly. After all the only safe car is the one behind you.


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Hrant suggested aiming for a pun! I agree. Considering the topic: the unusual mix of women and racing cars ... and considering this is a school project (where you should try be as radical in your solutions as you can) ... I don't think you should be satisfied with 'just' a namemark with type that merely hints racing.

Go for the visual pun. Well, it could be a pony-tail (in itself a very good choise, connotating swiftness, youth, 'rebellion') replacing a part of the typography ... or something similar.

I can see a solution here with a very humorous pun ... something like Luballin or Pentagram ...

Soren O

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Oh! No, I'm still a student and in school, but the job and application of the logo is real. The women in the documentary all drive in different types of races too, some are drag racers, but some drive in the Le Mans series and Formula car races which are pretty sophisticated, upscale markets.

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Tiffany -- whether I should be swash first and ponytail last or the other way round, I'm sure the pun solution could be done successfully.

And of course it can be done 'your' way, with the typography merely hinting the feminine. Only, I think these hints are so subtle that you could say: the typography says racing but it doesn't say girls ... on the other hand, it doesn't say anything irrelevant.

Whether or not it should be the pun or the subtle solution, would depend on the media and the target audience.

Soren O

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Fun project. Driving fast is my guilty pleasure.

The way you have joined (visually) the RA pair, I think you can do the same with the GI pair in GIRL. Lop the exit serif off of the G. I wonder if something similar couldn't be done with the CE pair?

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WHATEVER Paul! I was recently in California, driving north from San Francisco to Eureka and I have not been around worse drivers. They sit in the inside lane and basically expect you to pass them on the right. I no longer think Utah drivers are the worse.

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s'ok paul. i've known for quite a while that bad driver's are what most people become when they are put behind the wheel of an autmobile. nope, didn't make it to the cookhouse. we were mostly in Petrolia on the coast.

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references old-style race car graphics that doesn't alienate current fans of racing

Nice goal, and I think it succeeds. In the shadowed version: be
careful of gaps that are so tiny they should be either widened or
closed altogether. For example: G-I in Girl, R-A, R-S in Racers.
I'd drop the beard on the 'G', it seems superfluous compared to
the other glyphs.

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Nonon. No ponytails. The fact that this typeface has curves and edges in all the right places is plenty feminine. If anything I suppose the Cap R in Racers could flip down or curve under but only if it followed form of the rest of the typeface. If it is subtle enough you could do it in all three Rs ... but if it starts to look like decoration I wouldn't do it. Perhaps you could use a fiery hot pink with nice bold black outlines and shadows or something, no pony tails .... unless it looks like a swash first and a ponytail last.

I agree with Stephen's comment about spaces/gaps.


hrant ... i hit 115 the other day (not that fast I guess, compared to official race car driving). some punk thought he could out race me. i think he was flirting, but my mind was elsewhere so i was little mean (i suppose). felt good and then i realized how stupid it might have been. i think i need to find a local race track.

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