Freelance Designers?

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I did a search and couldn't find any information on this subject here.

I am curious:

Does anyone know a reputable place to look for freelance web designers / designers in general that can produce quality work? (Not eLance, craigslist, or Contracted Work - I have tried these services, and the designers are way sub-par for my interests.)

Is this a place I could solicit bids?

This board offers some of the most respectable designers on the web, and I figured I'd come here for answers.

Thank you.

Adam Dolch

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You could certainly solicit bids here, but please post an email address for people to reply to so that the thread doesn’t turn into a fight over pricing.

Also consider AIGA Design jobs, a special version of Coroflot that only displays the portfolios of AIGA members. I don’t mean to suggest that AIGA designers are better or more reputable than other designers, but I find that most of the really bad/sleazy designers out there aren’t willing to pay for an AIGA membership and create another online portfolio.

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I am available for work. If you are interested please visit my portfolio:

thank you.

Art Direction - Graphic Design - Print Production Consultancy

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I would recommend the people who do our web development:

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Hi there,

I too am available and looking to grow my client roster. You can find my portfolio here:

Creative Direction and Design for Brand, Print, and Web.

Matt Steel

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This used to be the industry standard, but it has lost much of its market share to Coroflot. Still, it has its merits.

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Hi Adam,

I'm also available for brand and identity work.

I've run into the same problem as you looking for jobs on Craigslist. There are plenty of people looking for professional logo design as spec work. I would highly discourage posting a job on any of the crowdsourcing sites (crowdSpring, 99designs, etc), especially if you're looking for quality work.

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Thanks for the awesome feedback! I really appreciate it!


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<---- Has portfolio envy

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