Insert image problem - both Safari and Firefox

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Didn't know where to put this; so when I want to post a new topic and when I want to insert image it just posts error: could not copy image. Error.

Anyone know why? I searched over the forum for this problem but serach yielded no results

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Hi Sando,

just a guess: Does your file name contain spaces (or other problematic characters)?
Also check out: How to post a sample or image


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If you're on a Mac, make sure the extension appears as part of the filename. For example, if you do a screen grab and "Picture 1" appears on your desktop, change the filename and add the extension ".png" (unless you have your grab setting for another format).

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Unique file names matter. Changing "Picture 1" to "picture_1.png" may not work if someone else has put an image in the system with the same name. Just change the file name to "picture_1_whatever.png".

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Really? I just tried to upload an image called ‘1.png’. The system automatically renames it to ‘1_6119.png’.

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Guess it was problem with naming :D. Never tought about it :D

Thanks guys

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