OTEdit...heard of it?

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I followed a post on Fontfeed to this video of a guy in Japan doing what you might call a psychogeographical font, and noticed he was using some tool I'd never encountered before...OTEdit. The site, and most of the interface in the app itself is all in Japanese, but I was able to start a font and draw a glyph. It seems like a good, simple tool for somebody just starting out in type design. Does anyone know much about this app or its developer/s? An English localization would be nice.

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May you should have a look into the software section of the typowiki. Its listet for years. http://typophile.com/node/20717?


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Listed, yes...but not much info. I'm curious if anyone with some knowledge of Japanese has used this thing and has some impressions of it.


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I've never used OTEdit before because this app doesn't seem to be enough for making Latin fonts. It's reasonable to buy it, but it seems that OTEdit can't handle kerning data and OpenType feature. I've checked the manual of it, but the manual doesn't mention kerning pair and OpenType features at all.
I think this app seem to be for making Japanese font, not for making Latin font. If your fonts don't need to have kerning pair and OpenType features, this app might be good for you, but if you want to make integrated fonts in future, I don't recommend you use it.
Of course, you'll be able to add feature and kerning data to your font using AFDKO after generating font from OTEdit, but I don't know whether OTEdit can generate proper OpenType font for Latin fonts.

It's a pity that Musashi systems doesn't have English language site and English ver. applications.

So far, this is the only type design tool to make Japanese font in Japanese language interface, so I've heard that some of Japanese design school use this app. for learning type design.

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