{Custom Type} PATRICE Ambigram

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I just wanted to share my latest piece of custom type, drawn by hand and then traced in Illustrator. It's probably one of my best pieces of custom type drawn to this date, I've established a partnership with John Langdon and am going to start drawing a lot more type. I'll be sure to post up what I'm working on, it's amazing how fast my sketch pads are filling up now. Preview below and PDF attached for further inspection!

PATRICE.pdf50.75 KB
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Are you going to make a complete typeface with ambigram characters?
Wow, that's rad. I wish you good luck mate... :)

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mk2: That's the beauty of custom type, creating a few letterforms that relate to each other in a special way and only in that way/order. I'd rather do 20 (most probably more) different pieces of custom type in the time it would take to make one complete typeface. :o)

Here's the drawing in case anyone's interested in seeing the process. It's not perfect, as I'm still learning, but my skills are getting there!

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