Malz - a fat, malty display font

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Dear Typophiles,

attached (if upload works) you should find Malz, a fat, malty display font sketch.
It was drawn with pencil the last months, before redrawing it as vectors (with a few revisions already).

What I want to know? Some feedback, some ideas ... There are for sure lots of detail flaws in it, so i'd be more interested in feedback for the "big picture" or single characters, but not "curve details" yet.

quite an update (see new file Malz14.pdf)
- 2 styles (old-fashioned and more modern)
- many minor tweaks

some quick stuff:

thanks for your thoughts and time

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I think it looks pretty good.

It seems to me that the 's' and the 'g' are breaking the upward/horizontal flow a bit. They have their most apparant parts angled in the opposite direction from the other characters (the bottom part of the 's' and the loop of the 'g' respectively).

And I think the 'r' is too wide. The 't' also jumps out, since it's leaning to the right while most of the other characters have a leftward lean. The 'z' also stands out.

I'm not saying you should totally iron everything out, but they're points to consider nonetheless. :)

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Or you could go the other way and introduce more variety to those squarish, tilted-up letters. Which direction do you like better, "Früschoppen" (more similarity) or "Festzelt" (more variety)?

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I think this is a pretty solid shot at a font like this. Seems like you could cheat some angles and make some strokes thinner in some spots where you have thicker spots. Like the M, etc. Seems like the stroke varies from letter to letter as well? Also the V-Y have some issues with the angle? seems like a diff font. Great job.

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I like it a lot. It makes me feel like cracking open a brewski.

I also think that the 'r' is a bit too wide as the large counter formed under it's ear contrasts greatly with the small counters in the rest of the text.

It would be nice to see some more alternate characters to add variety. Adding alternates could emphasize the playful and hand-painted look of the font IMO.

Nice work Sebastian.

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overall: i love it.

what you might consider:
V and W (uc and lc) look a bit out of balance. (maybe they had too many seidels?)
i like the round E on page 3 better than the straight one.
some of the accents could be more distinct. grave and acute should be steeper. they look too much like macrons.

looking at Malz makes me thirsty. i need a beer right now.

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some update (see first posting).

I have created a second "style" by making alternatives to some letters. Not quite sure how far this should go.

V W X Y v w x y in the "normal" style have changed quite a lot, making them more consistent to the rest.

r is quite narrower.

There are still some details to change (counter of the "e", ..., ...).
What else do you see?

And I really don't know what to do with the uppercase "S" ...

Thanks for your thoughts

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