Typographic Foods

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Some friends and I plan on watching Helvetica (again!) this Friday and eating typographic foods. So far, we plan on making alphabet soup with alphabet crackers, followed by alphabet cookies.

There is chocolate type, but I don't think we have the time or funds for that unless we cast it ourselves.

Typographic fluids will be one issue. The only solution I can find is ice.

I'd love to see what other typographic foods are available.

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Well, in Holland you have "chocolade-letters", but they only sell these in the december holiday season... ;-)

cheerio Queneau

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The only food that offers the font in three sizes!

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Use it on your alpha-bits.

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Just to cover my tracks, Helvetica Milk image was found here.

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Not typographic food, but if you are watching Helvetica you just HAVE to get yourself some 'Kägi-fretli', probably. ;)

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The Loblaws pretzels post gave me idea actually.

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What's called "Russian Bread" in Germany. They're pretty untasty cookies, but hey, they're letters :)
(Image courtesy of German Federal Archive / Bundesarchiv, from Wikipedia)

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