That's "Ambassador Spiekermann" to you.

Si_Daniels's picture

My guess is Erik didn't design the Web site - nice use of light blue on white Trebuchet though ;-)

But congrats on the appointment!

blank's picture

So we can’t call him Prof. Spiekermann anymore?

dezcom's picture

There was a Design Manifesto in the 60s (when else could it have been)


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The European Year of Creativity and Innovation? And they're going to have Germans leading the way?

It might not be the greatest explosion of creativity ever, but it will be punctual. We take our creativity serious!

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Should we get'em started with some commandments?

I propose

I. Honor your tracking and your spacing, so that your lines may be long but nice-looking in the paragraphs that the writer your Editor is giving you.

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2. Break the cycle! Re-invest the fines levied on successful foreign companies to subsidize locally produced alternatives. :-)

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3. Support your local typeface designer.

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Wow. Now, that IS something.


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congratulations, Ambassador Spiekermann.


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