Apple's new branding font... Tekton!?

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Yep, Simon. The packaging will be irresistible to draftsmen. Perhaps a new dawn for CAD on the Mac?

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OK. The Tekton headline really deviates from the point. FWIW, I did have a major crush on Tekton back in the day.

Is Apple really looking for a new CEO? I sweated through the Sculley years and don't want to go back there. I'm thinking it's about time in the business/tech cycle for a new upstart company and product to wow us.

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Totally agree. These things work in cycles, and we're probably heading for a bit of a dip.

> new upstart company and product to wow us.

Maybe we should look east for some innovation? Maybe it's time for the Europeans to step up here, rather than let American companies own the market.

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Well, now that we are all safely off topic: why has US dominated the information/computer technology in the last, what, 4 decades? Why were there no major challenges from Europe or Asia for that matter, yet? Or am I just missing something as usual?

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@paragraph: First, Taiwan has been challenging us for at least a decade. Most of the computers you buy (including Apple) are just rebranded Taiwanese systems packed into a case designed by an American or European. And non-US nations were leading the design of wireless phone tech of all kinds right up to the release of the iPhone. because our government still fund IT more than anybody else. On a large-scale level, it’s because things like high-end semiconductor and networking hardware design are a hard place to play catch-up, and our companies probably end up hiring anyone smart enough to do anything but play catch-up.

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Apple has Tim Cook as interim CEO, who is (as in the past), doing a fine job. Cook is ready to assume the reins full-time should the need arise.

Steve Jobs is still CEO, however, is still involved in major decisions, and is expected to return in June.

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Christian, although probably true, the above comment reads like a cut and paste from a press release.

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I'd expect anyone pitching themselves to be the next Apple CEO who takes some time to give credit where credit is due would have at least one mention of Jonathan Ive.

Also, the pitch seems to ignore that Apple's success is that its very much a hardware company. They invent hardware (iMac, iPod, iPhone, ???).

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"Most of the computers you buy (including Apple) are just rebranded Taiwanese systems packed into a case designed by an American or European"

Some are, but not Apple. Apple products are very much engineered by Apple, rather than existing systems in new boxes. Yes, it's all made overseas, of course.

And lets not forget Japan, either.

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>Some are, but not Apple.

Well the components are the same - so you can do cool stuff like this...

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Well at the chip level, sure. But a lot of the components are specially engineered for the apple cases. That's always been the appeal of Apple hardware (for those into it)'s both great aesthetics/form as well as ingenious engineering.

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I suppose I meant a conceptual, creative dominance rather than manufacturing, innovation or commercial one. Quite right about the phones, and I know that there is Russian and French software, but on the whole there just is not much outside US from where I stand.

Chips, PC, Mac, operating systems including Unix et al., PostScript et al., graphics software, even Internet itself ...

Or am I missing a major development?

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Well that's all we know at the moment, and it's Apple's official position on the matter. I'm unsure as to whether that individual so eager to apply for the position is aware of that. If he is, it seems he thinks it's inaccurate or untrue.

FYI, I'm as interested in Apple as you are in typefacees. ;-)


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>it’s Apple’s official position on the matter.

Maybe PR quotes should be set in, er, quotes.

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i sure hope steve comes back in june.

he might be years behind the leading edge
-- latest example, the delay on itablets --
but he's years ahead of any other company,
so i guess he deserves his reputation as a
"visionary", even if i personally cannot see it.

in the land of the blind, a one-eyed man is king.

if it weren't for the iphone, the "smart" phones
would be just as dumb right now as they were
5 years ago, and facing no forward progress...

kinda scary to realize how much rides on this
one single solitary man, and how retarded things
would be if he weren't out there leading the way...

so when i read this, a while back, it was very sad:

anyway, best of luck getting well, steve. we need you.


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Was my post that much of a problem for you?

It's no more a PR quote than an announcement of an upcoming font. I was stating a fact. It's actually common knowledge for those who follow Apple's activities. There is no evidence to suggest whatsoever that Apple is looking for a new CEO at this time, much less someone from outside the company.

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>Was my post that much of a problem for you?

No was just asking if it was a cut and paste or not. I wasn't asking you to defend your religion.

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what's the deal with the guy in the article saying he produced zapfino? is that true?

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Looks like he'll get shareholder votes from brides and vintner societies :-)

I think Adam Twardoch was involved in that project - he'd know.

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Wow, I don't know how I missed that - it's pretty impressive, especially the part where Zapf talks David down from the ledge. I'll never look at Zapfino the same way again.

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Yeah, who knew Zapfino had such interesting origins? It doesn't well for Mr. Siegel though. He sounds somewhat flaky.

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Interesting that in 1944, when he sketched the font, Zapf was stationed in Bordeaux - no wonder the font is so popular on wine labels ;-) a nicer image than the Zapfino suicide note.

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Zapfino is also huge with those in-flight airline magazines that are stuffed into the seat pocket. I counted three different examples the last time I flew. It's a beautiful script, but always in danger of becoming the next Papyrus.

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thanks Florian! that was interesting!

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