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Ok, nothing fancy here, just a school assignment.. :-)

We're supposed to come up with a mark (black/white) for a travel agency specialized in time travel. The name is to be a combination of the letters S, T and O and it has to be set in Futura (how's that for originality). No arbitrary design decisions, every single shape needs to be there for a reason.

Our instructor told us to keep this quote in mind: "A logo is a good logo if you can draw it in the sand with your toe".

So this is what I have now, it's an hourglass with the sand flowing upwards (as in going backwards in time):

I wanted to keep the whole thing pretty clean and loose, so I went for bold shapes and emphasized the negative space.. I tried to echo the O's shape in the pictogram, and the lower curve is supposed to continue the flow of the S. I'm not sure about the line weight of the two curves.. I did make them thicker at one point but that kind of destroyed the image of the hourglass..

Any suggestions?

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The pictogram seems totally devorced from the letterforms. Perhaps you can find a way to make your hour glass evolve from negative shapes in the letters?

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I would, but I don't think we're allowed to modify the letter shapes.. It's a pretty restrictive assignment. I'd love to marry the pictogram to the type and play around with the letterforms, but I don't think we're meant to. :-(

Then again, I think I did attempt to combine the O and the hourglass in an early sketch, but that got too cluttered..

Thanks for the input!

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I agree with Chris. If you think your assignment will allow it, I would continue to look for some way combine the Futura O and the pictogram. Maybe there is someway of superimposing the O if it can't be altered. The pictogram, btw, is a little complex and might be simplified.

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I would like to see you drawin that thin line of falling sand with your toe.

There are lot of other symbols for time, other than the hour-glass. How about letting the O be the face of a watch by putting some hands on it.

First step is to generate as many symbols for time as you can. Then choose the one that will work.

Soren O

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"A logo is a good logo if you can draw it in the sand with your toe".

So it should be blurry with poor contrast?

I can't think of one logo that I could draw with my tow...let alone in sand...

As for the assignment, break the rules if it makes for a better mark. A big part of graphic design is knowing when to break the rules and how to break them correctly ;o)

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Darrel wrote: "I can't think of one logo that I could draw with my tow...let alone in sand... "

Hmmm, the McDonalds M ... the Nike swoosh ... the British National Rail's double arrow ... for starters.

Soren O

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Apparently this is a quote by Kurt Weidemann, so it has to be right. :-)

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And what is the name of the company to be? OTS stands for what?

I did a search on wormholes.


Maybe this will open up some ideas.


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